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Mountain Alloys, as a company, was founded in 1985. Within five years of inception we became one of the largest companies to manufacture industrial alloy parts from pour to finish. Since then we have been adept at staying current with industry standards and keeping up with market demands. Over the years our in-house capabilities have expanded from manufacturing a single part. Now we have the ability to produce a vast selection of sizes and alloy compositions; bringing them to market quickly and efficiently.  The only thing that hasn't changed since our humble beginnings is our company's dedication to providing the best products and services for our customers.



Today, our establishment covers roughly one city block while employing more than 30 American workers.  Mountain Alloys Corp. is a dynamic, technology-based and state-of-the-art manufacturing company that brings together the tools, equipment and top talent in the industry. We take your design, specifications and requirements into our manufacturing process using the latest technology to achieve the lowest costs, best quality and fastest delivery of your component parts. Experienced in working with an array of high-end materials, we lead the industry specializing in Cobalt and Nickel based alloys.



Our vision is to continue to be an industry leader by maintaining maximum flexibility, efficiency, innovation and uncompromising attention to quality on every component part we deliver.  Wherever the future might take us as a company we will continually evaluate our systems and processes so that we remain competitive and relevant for our customer.